Albert Einstein Invented Twitter: No, Really, It’s True

I’ve always suspected that one day Al Gore would pop up and claim that he invented Twitter and ask for another Nobel Peace Prize, but it turns out that it was actually another Nobel winner who invented Twitter. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, it was actually Albert Einstein who came up with the idea nearly 100 years ago. And lest you scoff at my claim, I present the irrefutable photographic evidence below.


  • Matches Malone

    Ok, then he needs to make a movie about it, and… Oh, wait.

  • Micky

    this a good photo!

  • Chichi

    Yah watever sure he did like i could belive that!!!!!
    Prove it on twitter is doesn’t say Albert Einstein Made this thing
    Anyone could change that message to anything so yah watev!!

  • Hugh Briss

    Well, Chichi, until you can prove it’s not true, I”m sticking to my story.

  • Chichi

    How would u knwo if it was true or not that chalk that albert Einstien is writing is a post on writting not he never would of wrote on the board like l that. i have seen that photo before with like E=mc2 or something i stilll cannot belive Albert Einstein invented Twitter!
    Isn’t Twitter new well watev i don’t belive anything

  • Hugh Briss

    ummm… Chichi… I think you should lay off the crack pipe for a while.

  • chichi

    gezz ok u don’t have to get all like that gezz!!!!! u don;t have to be so mean. u have your theroy and i have mine I”m just trying to explain my theroy i didn’t want u to get all up and join my dis agreement u have your thought and i have mine so just stay out of my thoughts!!!!!!!


  • Anna

    Hugh, nice one, although the comments from a certain commenter were almost funnier than your pic ;-)

  • chichi

    anna that is funny

  • Randy

    I thought this was going to go into how he had the theory of twitter. But you got me. This made me chuckle. Good job.

  • chichi

    who me or anna i had a good fight