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Is your brand rock solid or more like Jello; sort of transparent and a bit wobbly? Is your branding consistent in everything you do? Remember, your brand isn’t just the face on the company but the voice behind it too. If it quivers, people will stop listening. If the face is always changing, people won’t […]

I’m sure we can all agree that the comment system on YouTube is out of control, and has been for a long time, and the primary reason is that anyone can comment (troll and spam) anonymously. So, yesterday, Google announced that they are rolling out a major update and the comments will be tied into […]

Yesterday Facebook announced an increase in the size of images for ads which also affect images in status updates when we include a link — either directly or shared. As long as the image that is pulled from the web page or blog post we link to is of sufficient size, it will show full […]

Yesterday, Google announced the new option to embed Google+ posts, making them the third of the major three social networks to add that capability; Facebook added it a couple weeks ago and Twitter has offered it for about a year. The best thing about embedded posts and tweets is that they retain all the characteristics […]

Are you making good use of the “When Your Fans Are Online” graph in your Insights? I sure hope so, but I also hope you’re reading it correctly. Someone recently told me they didn’t think the “When Your Fans Are Online” Facebook Insight graph was of much use. I strongly disagreed and said that mine […]

Do you know what a “click farm” is? If you haven’t heard of them the name should give you a quick idea. It’s a place that generates clicks, traffic, and fans for a fee, but unlike a bot, they employ actual people who sit in rooms clicking on pages and ads or liking Facebook posts […]

I’ve seen quite a few posts recently from people who are having trouble adding an admin to their Facebook Page or being added as an admin on someone else’s Page. Assuming you or they have Liked the Page and it still won’t work then this screencast I put together should help you solve the problem. […]

I really wonder about Facebook sometimes. A client was having trouble adding me as an admin of their Page, even though I’d Liked it, so I checked to make sure I didn’t have the privacy settings for Likes set to private and while I was doing that, Facebook made some suggestions. They’re actually suggesting that […]

I was a guest on Deb Krier’s radio show, The Socialight, and we talked about Facebook advertising, the 20% text rule and more.   Tweet

Are you seeing all updates from your Facebook friends or Pages you’ve Liked? Nope, but you can’t blame it all on Edgerank. Chances are you don’t have the settings correct. By default, when you Like a Page or add a friend, Facebook sets the amount of updates you’ll see in your News Feed to “Most […]