Does Your Facebook Profile Photo or Banner Suddenly Look Blurry?

Facebook made some changes to our profile pages a couple of weeks ago that included, among several things, adding our work and education details as well as a row of photos we’ve been tagged in to the top of our pages. For the moment, switching to the new layout is optional so some of you may not be seeing these changes yet, but eventually everyone will be switched to the new format, so even if this doesn’t apply to you yet, it will soon.

Another change Facebook made was to reduce the width of the narrow left sidebar column so they could increase the width of the sidebar on the right and make the advertisements larger. This means that the photo or banner you’ve been using has been reduced and unfortunately, may have resulted in your photo becoming slightly blurry. This is would be more noticeable to those of you who have created custom images rather than just uploading a head shot.

Previously, Facebook allowed images to be 200 pixels wide and up to 600 pixels high, however, the new image is 180 pixels wide and has a max height of 540 pixels, so if you’ve noticed that your image is no longer as crisp as it used to be you’ll want to resize it yourself and then reupload, rather than letting Facebook’s software shrink the image for you.

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  • Cyndi Craven

    I am putting up a new fan page. The profile pic is the new size (180×540). I uploaded the image, and the quality of the image is awful! I believe the problem is not so much (or only) the new size issue, but that they are compressing the profile images far more than before. Are you having any problem with this?

    • Hugh Briss

      I have checked many pages I’ve designed banners for and most of them look fine even though Facebook is reducing them to the new size. I also uploaded a few new ones designed specifically at the new size and they look good. The only thing I’ve noticed, and this has always been a problem, is that Facebook’s compression does a very bad job with shades of red. Does your banner have any red in it?

  • thementalcoach

    Thanks for posting this, it was really helpful!

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