Facebook Brings Back Choice to View “Recent Stories” First

Several weeks ago Facebook rolled out a bunch of new changes to our newsfeed including adding a Ticker and changing the option to view updates in either chronological order or in the order Facebook chooses for us based on an algorithm that supposedly shows us stories we’ll consider the most interesting. Instead of being able to choose the order, we always see “Top Stories” first and need to either scroll down or click a link that drops us down the page to view “Recent Stories”.

Yesterday, in a blog update, Facebook announced that they were changing back to the old system by giving us a drop down that lets us choose whether we want to view “Top Stories”, which are now referred to as “Highlighted Stories”, or “Recent Stories” first. This will come as very good news to Facebook business (fan) Page owners. The way the system works now, it’s not likely that a Page’s updates will be considered as important by Facebook’s algorithm as updates from friends and family members, therefor, it’s less likely their updates will be seen if someone doesn’t check their newsfeed often and only scans the “Top Stories”.

Facebook has indicated that this update will take a few days to roll out for everyone, but this morning I was greeted with a pleasant surprise and now have the new (old) option to choose whether I prefer to see all stories in chronological order or in the order Facebook decides I consider the most interesting. Thanks, Facebook, but I much prefer to read all stories in the order they come in.


Page owners will be very pleased to notice that in the screen shot below there are two updates from Pages showing right near the top. I believe this change back will rectify the drop most of us have experienced in our impressions.

  • Anonymous

    Is there anyway to get facebook to display recent stories first by default – i.e., I would rather not have to remember to click on this option everytime I open a new browser session… 

    • http://www.socialidentities.com Hugh Briss

      Unfortunately there is currently no way to set recent stories as the default. Crazy, I know.