Does Facebook Encourage Over Sharing?

Sharing on Facebook is getting out of hand. People joke about not using Twitter because they don’t care what their friends had for breakfast or when they cleaned the cat’s litter box and yet Facebook is adding updates in our newsfeed from apps that let us know what our friends are listening to, watching, and doing as they’re doing it.

I really, really don’t care what you’re listening to or watching right now. Seriously, I don’t. But this morning I noticed Disqus comments in my newsfeed. Really? Why would I want my friends’ blog comments in my stream? I clicked the “Hide all by Disqus” button and took care of that, along with Spotify, Hulu and all the other places Facebook thinks I want to know what you’re doing. Next thing you know they’ll come up with a device to attach to our toilet like this. Is there anything Zuckerberg thinks is TMI?

  • Anna Fitzgerald Bragg

    It’s “their”, not “they’re”.

    • Hugh Briss