Google+ Becomes Next Big Social Network to Offer Embedded Posts

Yesterday, Google announced the new option to embed Google+ posts, making them the third of the major three social networks to add that capability; Facebook added it a couple weeks ago and Twitter has offered it for about a year. The best thing about embedded posts and tweets is that they retain all the characteristics they have on the network itself and readers can retweet, like, comment, share or +1 them which benefits the person who posted it originally.

As you’ll notice from my three examples below, Facebook’s posts are wider than 500 pixels and for now anyway, there’s no way to format the width so if the column you embed it in isn’t wide enough it may be an issue.

Edit: I just noticed that when I view this post on my mobile phone the Twitter and Facebook posts reformat to fit the width properly but the Google+ post does not.

Here are embedding instructions for each network:

  • Caroline

    Hugh – very helpful to see all 3 in action. Thanks.
    We think this is going to be just excellent for both the blog using the embedded post and originator of the post.

    • Hugh Briss

      I agree, Caroline, good for both parties and great for the original poster who not only gets full credit but also the benefit of more engagement. Of course that’s assuming the person who embeds it wasn’t using it in a negative way.