How to Get the New New Twitter

I’m sure by now you’ve heard that Twitter has launched a new new design. I love it and I think you will too, but I’m not going to review it here, I’m just going to tell you how you can get the new design early, if you don’t already have it.

According to Twitter, the new new design will be rolling out to everyone over the next few weeks but there is a way to get it early. If you have an iPhone or an Android, simply download the new Twitter app to your phone, launch the app and soon thereafter you should see the new design the next time you log in on your computer. It took a couple hours to happen for me but it did work.

Tip: If you already have the Twitter app on your phone just upgrading to the new version should work, if not, remove the app and download again from scratch.

Update: As you’ll see in the comments, many people are saying this trick is not working for them. Twitter says it will but if it doesn’t, the only choice is to wait till they finally roll the new layout out to everyone. I’m not sure what’s taking so long, but Facebook took a couple months to get the new Timeline rolled out.

  • Dennis J. Smith

    Thanks for the heads up on the new Twitter. I’m loving the new Facebook app for Android. It’s about time. ~DJ

    • Hugh Briss

      I agree. The new Facebook app is very nice and the new Twitter app makes it unnecessary for me to use a third party app anymore. I was using Plume and like it but the new Twitter app does everything I want and looks great.

      • Sammyesparza

        on twitter notifications actually work, plume never notified me of any mentions or messages. 

  • Dhinesh Ramalingam

    I download twitter for Android. But i didn’t get the new twitter in my computer. sad :(

    • Damien Michael Nichols

      Ditto. Anyone got a fix for this?

    • Keishacarter706

      i dont have it on my phone cause my phone dont supports it but it wont even work on my computer

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  • Nauman Ahmad

    I downloaded it on my iPad but it’s the same!

  • Joshua

    How can I get it on desktop?

    • Bennieboj

      same I still don’t have it

    • Hugh Briss

      Did you read my post? because that was the whole point.

      • Damien Michael Nichols

        Not sorkin’ for some of us, Hugh. No need to Brissle. :P

        • Hugh Briss

          My reply nested under the wrong post but I was replying to Joshua who asked how to get it on his desktop. It may not work for everyone but the point of my article was to answer his question.

  • Sherrybieber90

    i dont have a phone tht can do that any way i can do this on my computer?

    • Hugh Briss

      If you don’t have a smart phone you’ll just have to wait until you get it, which shouldn’t be long now.

  • Guest


  • Morten

    how can i revert to old twitter in my browser?

    • Hugh Briss

      When social networking platforms make design changes it may be optional for a short period but ultimately you just need to get used to the new design and no point in waiting when a new one comes out since sooner or later you’re not going to have a choice anyway.

  • melzy

    cant dont have a phone…lol

  • l

    I’ve used twitter for android, twitter for iPhone… even the new one on a blackberry, none of them has worked to me… i’m still having the old-ugly twitter UI :(

  • Daniel Garcia

    it didnt work for me?

  • Jasmine_minaj

    how to get on desktop?

  • Matthew Dominy

    yep, I can’t get the new desktop version either.  i deleted the iPhone Twitter app and added it again but nothing changed.  I even logged out of twitter and logged back in.  Its all a scam :)

  • nical

    what if i just want it on my computer and not my phone? How do i do that?

    • Hugh Briss

      You wait.

  • guest

    this doesn’t work – have had the iphone app for weeks, no dice on the desktop.

    • Hugh Briss

      As I said, it may be necessary to delete an app you’re currently using and reinstall and then be sure to launch the app. It worked for me and I’ve had the new layout for a few weeks now.

  • Guest

    Can’t get the new desktop version either.  i deleted the iPhone Twitter app and added it again but nothing changed.  Even logged out of twitter and logged back in. Any help? Probably have to wait now huh?

    • Hugh Briss

      I’m not sure why it’s taking so long for them to roll out the new design but for those who don’t use their mobile apps or if the mobile app trick doesn’t work, then the only choice is to wait.

  • 1D3ever

    My phone app did change but on my computer no

  • Jay

    I downloaded the new Twitter for Android weeks ago, and Twitter on my desktop hasn’t changed.

  • Awesome Person

    What is you dont have a Smartphone?

  • niqcher

    why my twitter still old?how to get new twitter?

  • Winyan416

    if I didn’t use the phone through the twitter, and yet using WEB only.. what should I do to upgrade it? 
    please teach me & thx so much! :)

  • I Follow Back

    Does it work for Blackberries??

  • Kelly Turkenburg

    I have a blackberry & when I upgraded I had the new twitter for weeks too, for some reason it’s gone already. Someone who had the same?

  • Matt Dolton

    Ok it’s February (about 2 months after this post) and i still don’t have it….soooo wtf?

  • savadg

    it worked!!!!!!! yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! to happy…