How to Use the New “Voice” Menu Option for Facebook Pages

Facebook is rolling out another change. Yeah, I know, what else is new. But this one is actually pretty handy after you get the hang of it, although I will admit that it took me a day of working with it to understand it completely. If you’re finding it confusing I hope this post will help and of course I’m assuming that the option has rolled out to you already. If it hasn’t and you don’t see a “Voice” menu item between your name and “Home” in the top blue nav bar when you’re using Facebook as yourself (on a fan page) then bookmark this page so you can come back and read it later after the option shows up for you.

To see the Voice menu button you’ll need to be using Facebook as yourself and not your Page. The purpose of the new option is to make it easier for admins of more than one Page to switch back and forth between using Facebook as a Page and themselves. Previously, the way we did this was to select an option on our settings page to “Always comment and post on your page as [Your Page], even when using Facebook as [Your Name]” so that even if we were using Facebook as ourselves our posts and comments would always be as the Page.

Using the old system, to switch back and forth between Pages and your personal profile you would click the down arrow to the right of the “Home” button and select the Page or your profile from the drop down menu.

I always found using the “Use Faceboook as:” drop down cumbersome so I just added all of the Pages I admin to a folder in my bookmarks. I selected the option to always post as the page in the settings for each Page and always used Facebook as myself. If I wanted to post on my own profile, I was Hugh Briss, and if I wanted to post on my own or another Page and had turned on the “Always comment and post…” setting, I was posting as that Page and not myself. Not a bad system and easier than switching to using Facebook as the Page from the drop down menu and then switching back to Hugh Briss if I wanted to post on my personal profile, but if I did want to post on one of the Pages where I’d selected the “Always…” setting as Hugh Briss, it wasn’t possible unless I went into the settings and temporarily turned off the “Always…” option… until now.

With the new Voice option the system has been simplified and I’d have to say it’s one of the better changes Facebook has made lately. The first thing to understand is that there is no longer any need for the “Always comment and post on your page…” setting. Simply visit each Page you admin while using Facebook as yourself, select the Voice button and set it to say “You are posting, commenting, and liking as [The Page].

After you’ve made sure the Voice for each Page you admin is the Page and not yourself, you can always use Facebook as yourself and ignore the “Use Facebook as” drop down. Just create a folder in your bookmarks so you can access the Pages or click the Home button to view your personal news feed and select the Page you want to post on from the left sidebar. Instead of selecting a Page from the drop down (which always switches you to using Facebook as that page) and then having to switch back to yourself when you want to post on your personal profile, now you can always post on a Page as the Page and your profile as yourself, no switching necessary. And, if you do want to post on a Page you admin as yourself you can make the switch quickly using the “Voice” button without having to access the settings.

  • Angelique

    Thanks for the post! I finally got “the voice” and have regained access to my page. (Because of some kind of weird glitch I was in never-never land and neither method worked.) But here’s my burning questions: HOW DO YOU REACH YOUR PAGE’S NEWSFEED? By “you”, I mean Hugh Briss, because the only way I can do this HAS to be a mistake; I think there’s still something wrong with my interface.

    • Hugh Briss

      The only way I know of to read my Page’s newsfeed is to switch to using Facebook as my Page and then clicking the Home button.

      • Angelique

         Okay, so here’s what’s happening to me. I’m dying to know if I’m the only person in the world with this problem. When I use the drop-down box to switch to using Facebook as my page, what I get is a completely white page. The URL is the correct address for my Facebook page, but the screen is blank. If I type in plain old “,” then my page newsfeed appears and I can use it. From that newsfeed I can see my photos, but not my insights. If I want to see or use my Timeline, or get my insights, I have to switch back to using Facebook as myself, search for the biz page, and access Timeline and insights as myself-with-AFMarCom-voice.

        Obviously this is a completely inconvenient and defective way to use Facebook. No one is mentioning this. Is it just my problem, or is everyone putting up with this?

        • Hugh Briss

          I seriously doubt those problems have anything to do with Facebook and they sound like browser or cache issues or perhaps you have some malware on your computer. Have you checked using other browsers and computers?

          • Angelique

             Yes, the same thing happens with other browsers and other computers, so it can’t be a cache issue. Just remembered to check this, though: It ONLY happens with the AFMarCom page. I admin a few other pages, and if I use the drop-down to “be” them, I don’t get a blank white page. I get their timeline, as usual, and “home” takes me to the newsfeed. So it IS a Facebook problem, but it’s one that seems to just affect my own, personal biz page. Of course. Facebook hates me.

          • Hugh Briss

            That’s a bizarre one then if it only affect your own Page and it does it on more than one computer which obviously means it is a Facebook issue.

            But, you’re not alone with weird problems. I have never been able to post a poll using “Question” on my Page although I can on other Pages and my personal profile. Also, that new comment editing feature? Well, it only works for me on my personal profile and other Pages but I can’t edit comments on my own Page. The pencil is there and it lets me reopen the comment window and make the change but when I hit return, nothing happens and I have to hit the escape key to close the edit box.

          • Glenn Hunter

            We had the same problem for the first couple of hours of seeing the Voice first appear, lots of things went haywire but settled back down. I just put it down to FB being a bit glitchy on rolling out a new feature. btw, it was across all browsers…

        • BP

          I have the same problem. Have you solved it? I would like to finally see my fanpage feeds.

          • Angelique

            Did you try putting into the address bar after you chose your page from the drop-down menu? That’s what I do. Then you can see your newsfeed. To see your timeline, you have to switch back to yourself and put your page’s URL in the address bar. Brenda and BP: Does the “blank page” happen with all of your pages, or just one? It only happens with my own page ( I admin a few other pages and I don’t have the problem with them.

          • Brenda Scott

            If I want to see another biz page when Im in as MY biz…they are all blank. If I go from my pers page I can see them. And its same issue on a computer at another location as well.

        • Brenda Scott

          That is exactly the problem I have been having as well! I can only get to my biz page newsfeed by clicking on the left sidebar from my personal page….but from there I cant get my biz timeline. Anything I click to go there results in a blank page. It has been a week now and very frustrating….hope they get it all squared away soon.

  • Karen Runtz

     I’m having trouble re-patterning my behavior! I’m admin for three pages. I saw the “You are posting as… ” two or three times recently, but don’t see it ordinarily when I’m on the pages. Should  it be? I’m so mixed up right now. On one of the pages I look after, I often want to participate as “me” and the same goes for what I do for a client on another account. I’ve recently been unable to comment as “him” on the FB business page.

    • Hugh Briss

      It’s possible that the feature hasn’t rolled out to all Pages yet but, you must be using Facebook as yourself to see the Voices menu. If you use the dropdown next to the “Home” button to switch to the Page you will not see the Voice button.

  • ShellyMcD

    Angelique I’m having exactly the same problem – I admin for 3 pages – 2 are fine – 1 is a completely blank page.  There are loads of us having the same problem – it’s on a facebook help site.  I don’t have the “voice” option for the 2 pages that are ok either.  It’s really peeing me off as I freelance and get paid to update these pages – and of course its the most important page that’s up the swanny!  :-(

  • Karen Runtz

    Except now the Voices menu just told me a lie. I was on the field naturalists’ page where the menu told me I was posting as the page. But when I “shared” a member’s post it showed up as from me personally. I can’t win!

    • ferjibaja

      This has happened to me before and it’s a common mistake, it basically happens because whenever you click on the ‘share’ button in Facebook there is a drop-down menu on top of the dialog box to select how you’re sharing, and the default option is ‘on your own timeline’, so you gotta be careful before clicking on the share button and checking where you’ll be sharing!

  • Karen Runtz

     Ahhh, I think I see what happened. The identity that’s indicated on the Voices menu does NOT extend to sharing. To share, you have to go through the extra steps of selecting via the pull-down which timeline>page you’re sharing to

    • Hugh Briss

      Yep, I was about to reply to your first post about this but glad you figured it out.

      • Brenda Scott

        Aha….I had that issue too…would like or comment as my business and it would show up as my persona. I just tried again…clicked to show/like as my biz….liked a page and it shows up as personal. ACK! Cant use the dropdown to get to my page as its just a blank page still.


  • Gconrad

    Have you found a way to keep the voice dropdown from automatically appearing every time I refresh (reload) the page in my browser? 

    • Hugh Briss

      When Voice first showed up on my Page clicking “Voice” closed the drop down bar and it stayed closed but now it only stays closed until you change pages and then it comes back. I’m assuming that Facebook realized that with it closed we have no way of knowing who we’re posting as like it does when you switch to a Page and your icon and name changes in the nav bar.

  • pkioupakis

    I just bookmark every page I admin on the left hand side Facebook sidebar, much easier to visit your pages plus you get to see if any of them has activity :) Thanks for the post

  • Dr. Jesse Chappus

    Thanks for the explanation Hugh! I noticed this change on my FB page about a week ago and now I fully understand it!!

  • MinaF

    The key is to remember that you’ve clicked on the link and then click back or you’ll still be posting as the page you initially picked, or yourself.

    • Hugh Briss

      As I explained in the post, there’s no need to click back and forth if you set things up correctly and since most people don’t post as themselves on Pages they admin they would rarely need to switch to themselves and then back again.

  • Marion Masseur Atelier

    I have an all together different problem. Since the 6th of June, I am no longer able to share or post anything on the my own page as myself, not on any other page that I like. I can comment as myself once I have posted something as page.When I use fb as page, I can post and share.When I am using it, and other pages, as myself, the little box where you can post, is missing.Anyone have any idea what could be the reason?

    • Hugh Briss

      If you’ve tried different browsers and cleared your cache and you’re sure its a problem with your account and not another reason then unfortunately I have no solution other than reporting it as a bug.

      • marion masseur

        Thanks for the answer Hugh, I have send about six screenshots of my settings and page to fb, nothing happens. I get the feeling that someone reported me as being offensive, or something of the kind, in that case I will just have to wait till fb decides, that I am a nice person after all.

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  • Zacchaeus Nifong

    I just thought I’d post this video up in case anybody needed to see it live. Thanks for a great blog post ;-)

  • Taggart_rachel

    I don’t have the voice bar and I am not able to change my “voice” from the settings tab.  Could this be because my personal facebook and my facebook page are associated with two different email addresses?  I have not found a way to like or comment on things from my FB page – it always defaults to my personal acct.

    • Hugh Briss

      That’s an interesting question and I’m not sure if the different email addresses affects it or not. As long as you are the admin of the Page then I wouldn’t think it would matter.

  • Karen Ann Schultz Fester

    I don’t see anything happening when I click on the “voice”! what am I supposed to see when I click on it? I have 4 different pages of different groups that I’m the Administrator of, and when I want to go to one of them I have to go to “Home” look for the one I want, click it to get the page /or group I want to see. Help?

    • Hugh Briss

      Are you using Facebook as yourself? You won’t see the Voice bar when using Facebook as a Page. If you still don’t see it then it just hasn’t rolled out to you yet.

  • Deborah

    Great info. Since I manage several pages, this will be a feature I will be using a lot if it works. Thanks for the info!

  • Sherri-Lee Pressman

    I like the new voice option when posting on the page of a client’s, sure makes things easier. BUT when I want to go and comment on the pages that my client’s page likes, I still have to do the “use FB as…” switch and that is what really confused me about the voice at first… so it’s fine if you are only replying or commenting on the actual page… but if you are going out trying to engage with others as that page, you still need to do the switch over.

    Thanks for the great article, nice easy explanation.

    Sherri-Lee Pressman

    • Hugh Briss

      Yeah, Sherri-Lee, we still need to switch to using Facebook as a Page if we want to post as that Page on another Page.

      • Michael Neuendorff

        What Sherri-Lee brings up is the feature I’d really like to see. It’s such a drag to have to go be your Page, then do a Search for the Page you want to Comment on unless it’s in your News Feed. And don’t even get me started about doing this on your mobile. Not gonna happen.

  • Cilente

    Really useful post! Thank you

  • Stacey Harmon

    I’m a big fan of this feature.  I only have one complaint…I can’t take screenshots of how a page looks to a consumer…all my screenshots of the page show the voice bar which I then have to “snag-it” out.  Such a pain. Otherwise though, this is a huge improvement and you’ve written a very helpful post here Hugh.

    One other thought, some of the comments that are below about people not being able to post as themselves may be related to their page admin level.  I’ve noticed that unless you are a “manager” admin on the page, you can’t post as yourself.  I certainly hope Facebook changes this…I want staff to be able to comment on the page as themselves or as the page, but the only way they can currently do this is to have full admin privileges, which defeats the purpose of the new admin roles.  

    • Hugh Briss

      Stacey, it’s very easy to hide the Voice bar. All you need to do is click on the “Voice” link in the top navigation bar.

      • Stacey Harmon

        Can’t believe I missed that…thank you!!!

  • Grndiva

    I don’t see this option showing up on any of my pages yet. I thought I noticed it last week, but now it’s gone and nothing has changed on my end. Facebook issue or something else going on?

    • Hugh Briss

      Are you sure you’re using Facebook as yourself? The Voice bar doesn’t show when you use Facebook as a Page.

  • Opulence Consultancy

    Thanks for sharing.
    Thanks fb for cutting down our switching.

  • bella

    chat is not appearing after selecting voice…what i should do..:((

  • Maureen Foley Cioni

    Makes sense, thanks Hugh!

  • Raineehand

    Hi, I have been searching around from internet but could not get any answer, my problem is: When I switch username to my fan page, I can’t see others post on my page’s timeline, only when I switch it back to my personal profile the post from others appears , please help… it is urgent to reply the post on my fan page’s timeline by using fan page ID, thanks ahead!

  • Yael Freiman

    Hi. How do I get back the “voice” button? it has disappeared and only my friend who logs in as myself from distant computer, can see this menu. Did i change something without knowing? please help step by step…thank you.

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