Not a Fan of the New Timeline? Then Just Change It Back

Personally, I mostly like the new Timeline and have been using it since September when it was possible for developers to get early access, but it seems that the majority of you aren’t thrilled with the new layout and I see people asking what they can do to keep the old one, a lot. There is one crazy option I’ve seen posted, suggesting that if you use an old version of Internet Explorer you’ll still see the old layout but who wants to use Internet Explorer, especially an old version?

Since Facebook isn’t giving us the option to choose which layout we use — for good reason, since they want everyone to share the same user experience — what can you do other than using the crazy Internet Explorer option? Simple, install the Social Fixer (formerly Better Facebook) browser plugin. You’ll be able to do the following:

Single Column: Switch from the side-by-side view to a single column in chronological order.

Hide Cover Photo: If you don’t want to see the huge photo at the top.

Hide Friends Box: A box for friends is always the first one in the right column, taking up space, so you can hide it from view.

Hide Check-In Maps: Under check-ins, hide the small map that is shown with the location.

  • Connie Coleman Edge

    Thanks for figuring out a loop hole though it’s probably best just to jump on board and be done with it (at the last possible moment!).

    • Hugh Briss

       I agree, Connie, and I personally always prefer to just roll with the changes, but I think the majority of people don’t like change so this is at least an option for them.

  • LeRoy Nelson

    Hugh do you use FB for any game playing? If you do, how do deal with finding items an hour oldwithout ten steps and frustration?

    • Hugh Briss

       Sorry, LeRoy, but I don’t play games on Facebook so I can’t help you with that one.

  • Velenski23

    dont use dangerous browser plugins, like pink facebook this is a virus