Where’s the Missing “Link” for Your Facebook Profile Status Updates?

I’ve seen a lot of people asking where the Link button on their Facebook profile went. You know, the one that used to be next to the  “Add Photo” button, just above the status update field? It also seems a lot of those people think they can’t post links anymore. The truth is that yes, the button has been removed but you can still post links in your updates by either typing or pasting the URL right into the status update along with anything you want to say about it. If you type a space after the URL you’ll also still get the preview as you did before and you can still edit the title and description in that preview before you post your update.

All this time I thought the disappearing button was a bug caused by Facebook’s latest security updates, but alas, that is not the case. Facebook has actually removed the button on purpose. Click here to read all of the instructions for posting links, photos and videos.

Where is the button to add a link when I post? tweet

We’ve removed this button, but you can still share links whenever you want. To share a link, just enter the URL directly into the “What’s on your mind?” box at the top of your profile or home page. You may include a message next to your link if you like. Be sure to set privacy before you post, then click the Post button. tweet

Here’s the thing. As usual, I dont’ think anyone at Facebook really thought this through. Whereas before, when you added a link using the Link button, the actual URL didn’t show in the text of your status update but NOW, it does show. In cases where you’re linking to a blog post with an extremely long URL the entire URL is visible which not only looks tacky but also uses characters you might have wanted to use for your update text.

Edit: Thanks to Cfrey for this tip in the comments but there is a work around to the long URL issue. Type the status update and then type or paste the URL of the link you want to add. Type a space after the URL and the usual preview will appear. You can now delete the URL in the update field before you post and voila, no URL in your update text but the URL and preview below will still be there.

By the way, the Link button is still there on Pages and has only been removed from personal profile pages.

  • Cfrey

    ive noticed that once you place the link into the comment section, the link appears below or inline, at that point you are able to remove link text from the comment. yes, its an extra step, but still works.

    • http://www.socialidentities.com Hugh Briss

      Thanks for the tip. I added an edit.

  • http://www.maniactive.com/states/blogger.html maniactive

    Yet oddly, the “link” feature is still present on ‘pages’.

    Just not the profiles.


    • http://www.socialidentities.com Hugh Briss

      Yeah, but who knows, they might delete it for Pages soon too. The “Video” button is still there on Pages too but now you need to click “Photo” to add a video on our profiles.

  • http://www.facebook.com/williamduquet William Duque T

    thanks for notice 

  • Socialtoppings

    Thanks for the workaround.

  • Nospam

    This is why Facebook is going down like Myspace and other so-called “Social Media”.  Google+ and others will treat users with respect and not just screw around with random changes without vetting the GUI or allowing user Skins to be customized.  FB is really starting to piss me off with all the crazy changes and no way to go back or customize how I want it to look and operate.

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  • Sdt5008

    And the new privacy setting sucks too. Why do I have to always set it every time I want a make a post. There are certain people that I just didn’t want reading my posts, and in the past, I could just set the privacy setting ONE time to do this. Now it seems I have to do it every time?! Sorry, but aunt Sally, uncle Tom, grandma, grandpa, mom, and dad don’t need to see everything I post. This is a major privacy hassle!

    • http://www.socialidentities.com Hugh Briss

      Take the time to read the information on your privacy settings page and you’ll find that it’s quite easy to set a global privacy setting for “Public”, “Friends” or “Custom” and once that default is set then you can change it for each individual post if you want but it will always revert back to the default you set.

  • http://www.facebook.com/clare.cosgrove1 Clare Cosgrove

    What I am finding the most frustrating about the changes with regards to links on Facebook (And that is only one part I am finding increasingly frustrating) is that now there is no “my links” page.So I can’t go back to links I have posted in the past,which I find really frustrating and means I have to search for them again and in some cases they are lost!! 

  • Markojovanovski5

    how udate facebook pleace send me linj for upadate may profil

  • Sparklebeach

    guess what, you past the link and then delete it and it the link will show up and in the space where you deleted it, you can write a comment.

    • http://www.socialidentities.com Hugh Briss

      Thanks for the tip, although it was already covered in the edit at the end of my post. ;)

  • Biketracy

    I haven’t found anyway to see all my previously posted links — something I used to be able to do and really miss.    Any suggestions, or has this feature now been removed?

    • http://www.socialidentities.com Hugh Briss

      As soon as the new profile Wall which is now called Timeline launches in about a week, everything you’ve ever posted since you started set up your profile will be visible.